A factory at the customer’s service

The Ambro-Sol production plant is one of the most advanced European facilities in the aerosol sector, both in terms of technology and safety. Ambro-Sol has become a symbol of Made in Italy in the world thanks also to a factory mentality at the service of the customer with eco-sustainable innovations and high Italian quality.

Over the years, over 1200 formulations have been created in the Research & Development department for products of different categories: lubricants and greases, maintenance, cleaning, car care, welding, galvanizing and paints.
Propellant, type of cylinder and dispensing valve: each product is created within the technical laboratory which then checks production and tests its effectiveness and safety.
At the end of the production chain, the quality control office verifies that all Ambro-Sol products comply with the required characteristics and European regulations for the production of aerosol sprays.

Research and Development

The solidity of a company is therefore also measured
through an effective and controlled production process.

Formulation development
in the laboratory

Testing and analysis
of the product and the results

Validation of batches
first distribution

Search for the best
raw materials

+ 1200 product

The slogan Your Factory of Aerosol also wants to communicate this image of a company at the service of the customer, with eco-sustainable and high quality innovations. For this reason, the Research & Development department is committed daily to achieving and promoting new results capable of satisfying the needs of customers.
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Qualitative and technological development for over 1200 product formulations

Ambro-Sol branded products are safe and innovative, studied and formulated in the company’s chemical laboratory which guarantees the best performing products on the national and European market. A brand specialized in the production and distribution of spray products: all inserted in a mix of great technique, reliability and flexibility.

Technological development
and qualitative

Best relationship
quality price




In July 2017 the company obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 certification and certified an alternative guide method to the hot bath for the control of aerosol cans in accordance with the European Aerosol Federation.
The company is also obtaining ISO 45001 certification.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
UNI EN ISO 14001:2015
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