spray can kit developers for cracks white 400 ml ambro sol w500

White Developer for Cracks 400ml

This is the first of three products contained in the Kit developers for cracks. We suggest a previous cleaning and degrease of the surface or material interested. You will find the rest it in this practical kit!


Code W500
Packaging 12 PZ
Quantity 400 ml
Barcode EAN 13 8034108890456


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Kit composed of three spray products that permit welding or casting defects such as cracks caused by strain, pitting, porous areas and welding slots to be identified with ease and precision. For the detection of cracks,
fusion defects and open cavities in welded parts. This non-destructive testing method permits efficient checks to be conducted on the quality, conformity and uniformity of surfaces. HOW TO USE: 1) Thoroughly clean and degrease
the surface to be treated. 2) Apply the red coloured penetrating liquid evenly. 3) Wait 20 minutes for the product to penetrate all defects and dry. 4) Remove excess penetrating liquid using the right solvent and then dry. 5) Spray a thin layer of Crack detector over the area and leave it work. 6) Following reaction with the penetrating liquid in the cracks, the Crack Detector informs the user clearly and uneqivocally of any defects in the surface for quick corrections. 7) Clean with Developers for cracks.

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