spray can throttle bodies cleaner 400 ml ambro sol a469

Throttle Bodies Cleaner 400ml

This is another product that can’t miss for mechanics, electricians and coachbuilders: this spray cleans throttle bodies, it removes residuals and acts successfully on gas exhaust, because it reduces bad emissions. It is an eco-friendly spray!ambro-sol

Code A469
Packaging 12 PZ
Quantity 400 ml
Barcode EAN 13 8034108893723


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Last generation developed cleaner for throttle bodies and intake manifolds made out of plastic material. Its special formulation does not contain substances harmful to plastics or rubbers. It removes carbon deposits and oily from the throttle body and the entire intake system. It reduces the emission of harmful exhaust gases. Product suitable for motors with problems caused by dirty valve stems. Capable of improving compression and engine performance. HOW TO USE: When the motor is out, sprinkle abundantly the parts to be cleaned and leave to act the agent for 2-3 minutes. Then with the motor turned on for around 30 seconds, sprinkle toward the duct of aspiration and the zone of the butterfly valve, slightly increasing the turns motor to loosen the residues.

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