spray can polyurethane foam cleaner 400 ml ambro sol p302

Polyurethane Foam Cleaner 500ml

The polyurethane lather is perfect for fixing, replenishment, closing fissures…but it’s really difficult to remove it! This Ambro-Sol product solves this problem. Instantly, it removes polyurethane foam residue from clothes and equipment.

Code P302
Packaging 12 PZ
Quantity 500 ml
Barcode EAN 13 8034108891491


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Specific product for instantly removing and dissolving non-hardened polyurethane foam residue from the tools used (spray system) as well as from garments and other materials. HOW TO USE: shake well before the use to remove the seal above the provider. Manual use: put the provider spray in endowment on the valve of the cleaner. Sprinkle the cleaner on the valve of the cylinder and on the fresh traces of foam or sticker. Remove the traces with a dry cloth. Use with gun: screw the gun on the cylinder of the cleaner. Operate the trigger of the gun for some second up to when escape only clean liquid.

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