spray can stain remover marble and cotto 200ml ambro sol p323

Marble and Cotto Stain Remover 200ml

This spray is ideal for tile company and cleaning company. It removes all grease residuals, oil stain but also marker signs and organic substances from marble, natural stone and other porous surfaces.

Code P323
Packaging 12 PZ
Quantity 200 ml
Barcode EAN 13 8034108892450


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Product designed for removing stubborn stains of grease and fat from porous surfaces such as brick, marble, travertine and natural stone. Also very effective in removing stains pens, coffee or wine. HOW TO USE : Shake can well before use. Spray 15-20 cm away. Allow to the product to dry (about 5 minutes). Brush carefully to remove the white powder formed on the treated surface. If necessary, repeat the operation. Product residues can be removed using a brush or a sponge soaked with water and soap. Important: as a stain remover, the product should only be used to remove stains in the area without exceeding use. It is recommended first, to make a test on a small hidden area.

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