spray can infate repair tires 300 ml ambro sol a454

Inflate & Repair Tires 300ml

The dreaded drilling tire is no longer a problem thanks to this powerful spray of Ambro-Sol: if you pierce a pneumatic, this product allows you to fix your pneumatic creating a sealing film inside the tire.

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Quantity 300 ml
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It immediately pumps up and repairs every type of flat tyre, with or without inner tube. It effectively and permanently repairs by creating a complete and uniform sealing film inside the tyre. This product has been fully tested to certify its effectiveness and excellence. After the repair, it’s advisable to ask a tyre repairer to check the tyre pressure, when possible. HOW TO USE:
1) dispose the flat tire with the valve upwards,
2) pay caution and remove the cause of the drill,
3) deflate completely the tire,
4) shake with accuracy the spray and always keep it in an upright position,
5) clean the valve screw thread and apply the spray can connection,
6) push without interruption the button dispenser until full pump up of the tire,
7) unscrew the spray can connection and close again the valve,
8) sooner possible take place to the first tire shop, for check the pressure of the tire.

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