spray can finishes high temperature enamel 400 ml ambro sol v400temp

High Temperatures Enamel 400ml

A enamel of Ambro-Sol “Paint” line, that resists to high temperature (until 700°C) and for that it’s ideal for painting
surfaces of ovens, stoves, marmites, barbecue, grill, flues. Its ideal for steel industries, auto body repairman and forge industries.

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It is a high quality enamel with a modified silicone resin base, which allows you to refurbish all surfaces normally subject to high temperatures. Heat resistant up to 300°C-700°C. Application: varnishing of parts of slaves, replaces, hot-water heaters, ovens, flues, barbecues, fire screens, motorcycle mufflers, etc., do not expose directly with flames. Important: to obtain an optimal and long lasting result it is necessary for parts painted with AMBRO-SOL HIGH TEMPERATURES to be exposed one time, to a temperature of at least 180°C; any less the
hardening and adhesion of the enamel will only be partial.

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Agriculture, Automotive, Building, Decoration, Hardware, Home, Industry, Plumbing



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