spray can car interiors and textile cleaner foamy 400 ml ambro sol a471

Foamy Car Interiors and Textile Cleaner 400ml

This is a professional product, but it’s also perfect for the do-it-yourself: it’s a foamy spray with a rapid dry, and it cleans and sanitizes fabrics and car interiors. It removes filth and grease and it leaves a good fragrance.

Code A471
Packaging 12 PZ
Quantity 400 ml
Barcode EAN 13 8034108890432


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With its special formulation with foaming action it cleans deeply carpets, upholstery and fabric surfaces without leaving any residue. It dries quickly the treated parts, leaving a pleasant smell. Shake before use. HOW TO USE:
Disbute the product on the tissue to treat, leave acting for few minutes, therefore with a sponge rub emphatically. Rinse, always with sponge, squeezed more times in the clean water. Leave dry. For particularly dirty obstinate, repeat the operation. MODALITY OF STORAGE: Before using: stock the product in a dry location and don’t stock it with a temperature under 5° degrees and over 45°C, after the use, keep containers closed. In the original
package, the product can be conserved for 24 months. After the first usage: conserve in a fresh and dry location, away from hot spring. Keep out of reach of children.

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Automotive, Home, Marine, Office



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