spray can dashboard no siliconic polisher 600 ml ambro sol a468

Dashboard non Siliconic Polisher 600ml

This spray is perfect for polish and sanitize dashboards and other various plastic parts. It Leaves a good fragrance and it prevents the formation of dust. Thanks to the absence of silicone, it can be used on the car body.

Code A468
Packaging 12 PZ
Quantity 600 ml
Barcode EAN 13 8034108893624


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This product was specifically designed to polish and brighten up all kinds of dashboards and plastic parts. It retards the deposition of the powder, leaving a pleasant scent. The absence of silicone allows it to also be used in the bodywork. HOW TO USE: spray the product from a distance of about 20 cm. To improve the distribution uniformity of the product, pass immediately with a clean cloth and then ventilate. MODALITY OF STORAGE: before using: stock the product in a dry location and don’t stock it with a temperature under zero degrees and over 45°C, after the use, keep containers closed. In the original package, the product can be conserved for 24 months.
After the first usage: conserve in a fresh and dry location, away from hot spring. Keep out of reach of children.

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