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Ambro-Sol is specialized in the production and filling of chemical products and aerosols, born from the historical aerosol manufacturing company Gnocchi Eco Spray founded in the sixties, and owned by the Ambrosini family since 1990. Ambro-Sol was established separately from Gnocchi Eco Spray in 2009 in order to serve international distribution. These two important companies merged together in November 2016, giving life to a single reality while maintaining the same corporate composition as Gnocchi Eco Spray.

The company has become one of the few in Europe that manufactures and distributes its products directly to customers, with its own brand and sales network in the aerosol sector.
The 90,000 sq ft (8.000 m2) warehouse built on 3.5 acres (14.000 m2) of land is located in Cigole (Brescia province) and is considered one of the most advanced in the European aerosol industry, in terms of both technology and safety.
Ambro-Sol products cover a wide range of sectors, and they are grouped into 7 different lines: lubricants, maintenance, adhesives, cleaners, zincs, paints, car care products and welding.
Proudly made in Italy, Ambro-Sol products are safe and innovative. The following features have contributed to the company’s success: qualitative and technological development, the best quality-price ratio, prompt delivery, professional and efficient customer assistance. Combined, these features guarantee our customers the most productive products on the national and international market.
These concepts are fundamental rules for our company, which allows us to build a close bond of mutual trust with the customer. Ambro-Sol, therefore, presents itself as a brand specialized in the production and distribution of sprays with great quality, reliability and flexibility.



The mission of Ambro-Sol is to increase its presence overseas, and to reach new strategic European markets. The company also wants to confirm and consolidate its role as a European premier producer and distributor of aerosols for the “DIY” industry, preserving our values of over 25 years of history. The slogan "Your Factory of Aerosol" identifies part of Ambro-Sol's mission to be flexible towards employees and customers, providing great technology, forward-thinking knowledge and reliability. A company that feels more like a "factory" at the customer’s service, with eco-sustainable innovations and high-quality products "Made in Italy".


We want to be a landmark of culture and excellence in the aerosol industry around the world. A company always exploring innovative ideas and offering the best products. A modern company that grows and becomes a leader, supporting users and customers in their work, hobbies, and creative moments, to keep their most cherished possessions in perfect condition, bringing every day the quality, safety and reliability of our products in their lives.