codice ufi ambrosol

In Italy, companies currently report the compositions of dangerous preparations to the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS), which makes data available to Poison Control Centers. Starting from 1 January 2021, however, the information must be transmitted in a new format, established by Annex VIII of the CLP and specified by ECHA (European Chemicals Agency). Among the various information that will be required to notify, the introduction of a new identification code stands out: the UFI.

What is the UFI code?

It is a 16-digit alphanumeric code which will uniquely identify the blends and which will be placed on the label, next to the other information, preceded by the word “UFI” and divided into four blocks, each separated by a dash. Eg UFI: H563-L90S-R786-J823.

A UFI code will identify a formulation and, if the formula is common, it can be shared among multiple products.

A mixture may be associated with multiple UFI codes (different names attributed to the same mixture or different target markets).

How is UFI generated?

By entering the company’s VAT number and a specific formulation number for the mixture in ECHA’s UFI online generator, the code will be provided.

When to replace the UFI?

The UFI code will have to be replaced if:

– inserted a new substance in the composition: if dangerous in any entity, while if not dangerous above 1%;

– eliminated from the composition any substance with the above limits;

– the quantity of a substance already present has changed with respect to the range of presence in the formula declared in the previous notification.

How to send the notification?

The online tool guided on the central portal of ECHA and dedicated software will allow you to prepare and validate the notification dossier.

Here are the data required for the notification:
• identification of the company;
• commercial name of the product;
• classification and elements of product labeling;
• physical state, color, pH;
• toxicological information (Section 11);
• composition of the product;
• substances;
• mixtures in mixture (MIM);
• packaging used;
• UFI code (s) of the mixture.

Which products to notify?

Mixtures placed on the market which are classified as dangerous because of their effects on human health or their chemical / physical effects must be notified.

Products excluded from the notification obligation:

to. substances (including UVCB substances);

b. mixtures classified as dangerous only for the effects on the environment or not classified as dangerous;

c. explosive mixtures and gases under pressure;

d. medicines for humans and veterinarians, radioactive mixtures, food and feed, ready-to-use cosmetic products.

When to notify them?

The mixtures must be notified before being placed on the market and no longer within 30 days from the date of first placing on the market.