sanificazione ambrosol autorizzata ministero della salute

The Covid-19 emergency taught that prevention also passes through the disinfection and sanitization of the surfaces of the environments in which we live.
Ambro-Sol has converted part of its factory to the production of an aerosol disinfectant for surfaces, to face this sanitary emergency. The production was authorized directly by the Ministry of Health.

The disinfectant line is based on isopropyl alcohol, an active substance with a disinfectant, sanitizing, virucidal and bactericidal action recognized by ECHA (European Chemicals Agency). The rapid evaporation, the immediate effect, the absence of dyes and perfumes ensures effective, fast and residue-free cleaning of any treated surface, such as plastic, rubber, glass, metal and ceramic.
The formulation makes the product also suitable for disinfecting the surfaces of smartphones, tablets, keyboards, mice, monitors, printers and all the electronic devices used daily.

Thanks to its versatility, the Ambro-Sol disinfectant is a product that can be used in many environments, both domestic and work, for the sanitization of all those surfaces that are frequently touched with the hands.