ambrosol etichettatura prodotti covid 19

As per the Ministry of Health’s disposition:

All products that have a disinfection action on the label can be classified as biocidal products – and are only placed on the market after obtaining a specific marketing authorization from the Ministry of Health or the European Commission. Even the products that indicate the term “sanitizing / sanitizing” are considered to fall within the definition of biocidal products and therefore are subject to the relative authorization regime.

The sanitation products sold in Italy must have the following label on the label: “sterilization products authorized by the Ministry of Health or authorized by the European Union. /../ .. AUT (in accordance with EU Regulation no. 528/2012 ) “or:” Registration of the internal medicine operating room of the Ministry of Health … ”
The registration number or authorization number issued by the Ministry of Health or the European Commission ensures that the biocidal product is checked before it is placed on the market to assess its safety for consumers and the environment and its effectiveness according to the instructions and the authorized conditions of use.