ambrosol factory of aerosol

Seven years after the last restyling, Ambro-Sol returns to renew itself, focusing on the quality of non-Italian-centric Made in Italy, combined with its international vision.

With careful attention to detail, the renovation involved all product families, with the exception of the flagship product XT10.
The graphics are more modern and professional thanks to the strong use of opaque and metallic effects. The spray cans will stand out on the shelf of a store, thanks to their new “shine”.
The result is a free aesthetic to maximize the content with essential layouts and the use of rhomboid shapes characteristic of the Ambro-Sol brand. A graphic that certainly invites and intrigues the customer.

In the new brand manual of the company the new brand identity of Ambro-Sol is described which will also involve Social Media, Website, merchandising and accessories related to the sale.

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