Ambro-Sol’s commitment continues in the dissemination of corporate values ​​and culture to optimize social communications and relationships with stakeholders. The Italian aerosol factory has chosen to adopt the 231 Organizational Model aimed at implementing maximum transparency with respect to roles and responsibilities in corporate management.

The preventive management and control model, which is not mandatory, allows companies to reduce the risk of companies being held accountable for one of the crimes attributed to individual employees, pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001. It therefore allows the companies that sign it to legitimately ask for the exclusion or limitation of their liability deriving from one of the crimes mentioned in the law.

Each 231 model is drawn up based on the characteristics of the company, the activities carried out, the production processes and the specific interlocutors. Its actual implementation starts from the mapping of the areas at risk of crime and from the evaluation of the internal control system up to the drafting of the model, including the comparative analysis and improvement plans, which will then be subject to training.

Its adoption allows for greater strength in the legality rating for access to public financing and bank credit with greater opportunities to work with publicly held companies. Compliance with regulations related to Legislative Decree 231 such as health and safety at work and environmental safety has also been facilitated.