Ambro-Sol is a company specializing in the production, bottling and industrial distribution of chemicals and aerosols. The company has been owned by the Ambrosini family since 1990 and was born from the historic Gnocchi Eco Spray, founded in the 1960s and started with a small production of spray products, such as lubricants for weapons and anti-adhesives for welding.


Following the acquisition by the Ambrosini family and thanks to constant growth, there is a need for its own brand for the international distribution and marketing of the entire range of spray products.
So in 2009 the company re-presented itself on the market with its own registered trademark: Ambro-Sol®.


In 2013, the production of spray paints began: a second production and filling line was installed. The following year Ambro-Sol installs a third filling line.
These are years of large investments for the company, which begins to expand and differentiate production.


With production and distribution constantly increasing, in April Ambro-Sol founded the first branch in Europe: Ambro-Sol Poland was born. A few months later, in September 2015, Ambro-Sol Spain was also founded.


In November 2016, Gnocchi Eco Spray and Ambro-Sol decided to merge to create a single reality: while maintaining the same corporate composition as Gnocchi Eco Spray, the company changed its name to Ambro-Sol S.r.l. The company becomes one of the few companies in the sector at national and European level to directly produce and distribute its products, with its own brand and its own sales network.


The third European branch, Ambro-Sol France, was founded in March, and a few months later the first overseas branch was opened: Ambro-Sol USA was born in June 2017.

The continuous expansion has led to the opening of 4 owned branches: to date, the brand has been exported to 50 countries. Ambro-Sol intends to continuously increase the presence of the brand in the foreign and overseas market, also carrying out scouting activities to reach new extra-European markets


After the merger, a period of exponential growth begins for Ambro-Sol which leads the Ambrosini family to continuous investments.
The production site currently boasts an 8,000 m2 covered structure, built on 14,000 m2 of land in Cigole, in the province of Brescia. Ambro-Sol is one of the most advanced facilities in the European aerosol sector, both in terms of technology and safety.


After renewing the third filling line and installing a series of equipment with 4.0 technology, Ambro-Sol faces the Covid-19 pandemic.
The company installs a fourth filling line and opens a Pharmaceutical department: with the authorizations of the Italian Ministry of Health, Ambro-Sol begins the production of sanitizing and disinfectant aerosol spray cans


The Ambrosini family has always believed in the urgency of sustainable development. For this reason, the company is constantly committed to protecting the environment and the sustainable use of natural and energy resources.

In July 2021, Ambro-Sol also changed its legal form from a for-profit company to a Benefit Company, committing itself to respecting high standards of purpose, responsibility and transparency.

Members of the Board of Directors of the company Ambro-Sol S.r.l. SB Mirco Ambrosini, Daniele Ambrosini, Silvana Romito.

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