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Our commitment for the future

The first major milestone of 2022 is for the achievement of the B-Corp certification. The goal is to generate a positive impact on society and the environment, in an attempt to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

Benefit report 2021

The first Aerosol Benefit Company in the world

Ambro-Sol has changed its legal form from a for-profit company to a Benefit Company, committing itself to respecting high standards of purpose, responsibility and transparency.

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Maximum transparency for the dissemination of corporate culture

Ambro-Sol has chosen to adopt the 231 Organizational Model aimed at implementing maximum transparency with respect to roles and responsibilities in corporate management.

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for the environment

With the UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 certification, Ambro-Sol intends to guarantee its commitment to environmental protection and the sustainable use of natural and energy resources.

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Latest news

Spray cans:
a world of applications

Ambro-Sol specializes in the production and bottling of chemicals and aerosols. The use of spray cans in the application of chemical products is reflected in many areas, making specific and timely processing possible.


The Ambro-Sol range of spray paint cans is to be considered among the most complete and qualitatively appreciable on the market.
In addition to the ability to create the full range of RAL colors, Ambro-Sol offers special products such as fluorescent, micaceous, rustproof, diamond, high temperature, gold, chrome, silver, tracer paints for floors and walls and for many other applications.

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It is one of the most complete ranges of cold galvanizing spray cans available on the market. The zinc spray consists of a dispersion of pure zinc powder with high molecular weight, in an acrylic resin base which together form a compact and resistant barrier such as to prevent the metal from coming into contact with atmospheric agents, thus preventing the rust formation.

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These are spray cans of adhesives, designed to make the most varied surfaces adhere to each other such as metal, plastic, rubber, wood, fabric and more. They have a particularly light and uniform atomization that guarantees a quick drying time and creates a minimum gap between the surfaces to be bonded.

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Lubricants are essential for the moving parts of any mechanism. Ambro-Sol spray and non-spray lubricants form a range of products that meets the needs of various sectors (industrial, automotive, agricultural, nautical and others). It is currently the largest range of Ambro-Sol spray cans on the market.

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Sanitizing Disinfectants

The Ambro-Sol spray sanitizing disinfectants line is designed to sanitize and sanitize environments, surfaces of various types and fabrics. The disinfectants are based on 90% pure isopropyl alcohol and therefore have a high sanitizing, virucidal and bactericidal power. Approved by the Ministry of Health, the disinfectants belong to the PT2 category of biocides. With this line, Ambro-Sol wants to combine the effectiveness of sanitation with the practicality of the spray formulation.

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Ambro-Sol produces and
sells spray cans

Specialized in the production and bottling of aerosol and non-aerosol products, Ambro-Sol offers itself on the market with different product ranges.

High Quality Line

The High Quality line contains the best products for efficacy and performance, developed by the Ambro-Sol laboratory for particular performance and chemical formulation needs.

Maintenance Line

The Maintenance line offers technical products suitable for professional sectors. These are particularly powerful formulations and are effective and quick to dry.

Cleaning Line

The Cleaning line features state-of-the-art products with GEL formulation, which offers the advantage of adhering to the treated surface, thus making it even more effective.

Car Line

The car line offers products for the care and maintenance of cars and motorcycles, also for the racing sector. In addition to the classic cleaners, you can also find spray products for the bodywork.

Welding Line

The Welding line, the result of years of application experience, is made up of highly technical and professional products: anti-adhesive, crack detectors and anti-splashes.

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